About Brodini


(Marshall Brodien) was known as Wizzo the Wizard on Bozo circus when I was a kid.
Next I read a Harry Houdini book, Watched Houdini movie.. Loved Harry Houdini so much. Later in life naming myself 
Brodini in honor of Houdini…

I’ve performed in Brussels, Paris, Amsterdam and Mexico.

I’ve performed in Mexico 🇲🇽 for the last 12 years. A few months a year.

The big challenge for me was becoming a self taught magician.
Starting out with children magic books.

My show is all audience participation…
What I like most about kid shows?
The kids are the show!
 I explain in every show, if I can do magic you can too…
I learned from books, that’s why I’m here…

For me,It’s about the Kids!

Thanks again, 
I hope this helps someone

Graylyn Brodini Morris